Lost 6.1- LA X

So its been awhile, huh?  I’ll write some observations from the show later, but here’s where you can leave yours!

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  1. I think I can see part of where this is going… but not HOW. The explosion put them in parallel dimensions [a la the original Star Trek]. At least all the people on the island are now in the SAME time. It’s interesting that the characters in the LAX dimension are STILL linked to each other, even though they don’t know one another. I thought once they got off the plane that would be it… but no, they are continuing to run into each other, just as they did before they got onto the plane. I think the key is everyone Jacob touched is his and are linked to each other [Kate, Jack, Sawyer, John Locke, Hurley, Sayid, Sun & Jin]. Those are the characters who will be regulars this season. It was nice seeing Bernard & Rose, Boone, Charlie, the science teacher, the annoying little guy who yells at Kate for cutting the taxi line outside the terminal…but I don’t think we’ll see them again. [Hurray! No Shannon on the plane in this dimension!”] The only one I’m not sure about is Desmond. He didn’t end up on the island in the LAX dimension, because the island is underwater. How will Desmond fit in, I wonder. I still think he is key. And I’m curious about Aaron.

    From the big POV… Jacob and his nemesis are similar to Christ/God & Satan and the Egyptian myth of the brothers Osiris and Seth. [Although they are NOT exactly the same! Christ/God and Satan are NEVER on equal levels, though Seth & Osiris are. Of course, one does get the sense that things are progressing exactly as Jacob planned… sovereignty.] I think I know where all this is going. The Greek mythology (Greek quotes from Homer’s “The Odyssey” in the tapestry), the Egyptian myth (Tawaret statue, the goddess of perfection, birth and FERTILITY; the ankh symbols representing eternal life, Egyptian Richard with his Egyptian eye make-up, whom Jacob has made ageless and the hieroglyphs in the Hatch, the Latin (“What lies in the shadow of the statue?”… “He who will save us all.”) and the Christian references (themes of good/evil; redemption, salvation, eternal life, resurrection) are all going to be synthesized into one… probably the popular idea that all paths lead to God or something similar.

    A final note…. I KNEW it!! Jacob’s nemesis is the black smoke and he’s the one taking the form of John Locke, and the one who took the form of Ben’s dead daughter. I’m still confused, however, about Jack’s Dad. I think it’s significant the airline in the parallel dimension does not know where his body is. And if he was in the cabin with ashes around it to protect him from the smoke monster/Nemesis, than it’s not the Nemesis who is taking his form. Jack’s Dad seems to be tied to Jacob, which would make Clare connected to Jacob, too.

    Ben is such a huge “Judas” figure, isn’t he? Love the line at the end of last season, “What about me?” Exactly… “What about you?”

    A couple of interesting things from the end of last season: Jacob reading “Everything that Rises Must Converge” by Flannery O’Connor as he waited for John Locke to fall out the window. The bottom line in Greek on Jacob’s tapestry, “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” Jacob’s repetition of the phrase, “You have a choice.” [free will] And the key line by Jacob, “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.” And how WILL we get to that end?

  2. I just clicked on your picture to see the entire thing… how revealing is THAT! The “Last Supper” anyone? With John Locke in Christ’s position?! And Frank, Ilana and the guy leading at the Temple included, and thus major characters for the season, along with our regular guys.

  3. Wow…that is a great synopsis of everything I was thinking and more…definitely going to follow this blog more closely…
    (sidenote: I’m surprised they all thought Juliet was dead…like being a foot from an A-bomb is different than being 100-ft away?)

    • Perhaps they thought she had died from the fall, so they would not have expected her to be alive. [WE the audience, on the other hand, know that actress has another gig and therefore could not be available for this season’s LOST. That rather takes the surprise out it…]

  4. Yeah- nice picture. The food and the wine is “Dharma” brand.

    • Ha! Did you notice there are 13 disciples, but Frank looks like he was thrown onto the end, as if he was just passing by, and not one of the group…

  5. Ha the whole time I was reading Deb’s post I thought I was reading Beth’s and had her voice in my mind while I was reading. Now I have to go back and re-read it with Debs voice. This changes everything.
    I have not much more to add. Deb what about the hieroglyphs?

    • Remember when they had to reset the clock in the hatch every 108 minutes and a few times when they didn’t hieroglyphs on a red background came up on the digital clock? That may have been our first Egyptian clue. I remember looking through my hieroglyph books at the time… but I can’t remember now what I thought the significance was! Five seasons of clues are a lot of clues!

  6. It’s rather sad that after 5 years excitement about John Locke being “the one”, that his actual “destiny” would turn out to be murdered and have an evil being take over the body for his own wicked purposes! What a downer, huh? Makes me feel sorry for Locke. [It makes sense now why the black smoke did NOT kill Locke when it had the chance, unlike the havoc it wreaked on everyone else. It/he had plans for Locke…

  7. as far as Locke goes- remember when he said he looked into the eyes of the island and what he saw was beautiful, speaking of the smoke? interesting now.

    I’m not understanding the smoke, still though. Because it was something that Ben went to the Temple to see. It’s also something was trained to be able to call upon to defend them, as he did with Widmore’s thugs.

    It was also interesting to see what New Locke had to say about Old Locke. I don’t believe what New Locke said. It was very influenced by who New Locke really is, and his perspective. that scene with Locke and Jack at the airport shows that New Locke was wrong in his opinion of who Locke was.

    So what happened with Sayid? I can’t help but notice some baptism illusions. I kept thinking of the phrase “raised into newness of life”. Did he go through the same process that the Others brought Ben through when he was a child shot by Sayid (ironic, huh?). The emphasis this season definitely appears to be about grace and redemption, so Sayid’s realization that he’s done horrible things will probably be a driving force this season. Did the Others expect Sayid to come back?

    More thoughts later.

  8. It looked to me like the Others thought Sayid was dead. And the murky water was not something they had seen before. I’m guessing that may have been due to Jacob’s “death”. [I’m still expecting him to resurrect! … after 3 days?]

    A kind of resurrection seems to be what Sayid went through. The Others declared him dead, as did Dr. Jack! Will Sayid be “at rest” in his conscience now? [I do remember them mentioning that Ben would “not be the same” after the Temple restored him. Wonder what that means…]

    Good points about the connection between the smoke monster and the early years of the show. The Others had control of the temple when Ben was young, right? Maybe the smoke got control of it after that, then lost it relatively recently. Did they say it was surrounded by ashes?

    Really good observation about the New Locke evaluating the Old Locke via his own point of view. It’s rather eerie that he is able to access all his memories.

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