Lost 6.2- What Kate Does

So I thought last night was little bit of a clunker.  Obviously found out a couple things, but on the whole, not a great one.  You’d hope at this point in the show, they’d all be great, but I guess not.  Here are some highlites:

– Josh Holloway showing some good acting chops.  You really get an interesting look into his character, see some flashes of old Sawyer, then parts of Sawyer you’ve never seen.

– Sayid is going bad?  Did Claire, too?  Is that what happened to Danielle?

– Great power move by Jack in taking the pill.

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  1. What a surprise to see Ethan as Claire’s doctor in the LAX dimension! It was also a little bit eerie. It will be interesting to see if other old characters appear in small roles. Was the auto shop guy who helped Kate get out of cuffs recognizable to anyone? Apparently everyone is interconnected in both worlds. They would have connected with each other even if the island had never been there. Interesting.

    In the LAX alternate world, Aaron is not adopted and perhaps Kate is innocent.

    I remember Danielle saying the French people who were with her were infected, or became sick…remember they seemed to be “possessed”? Perhaps that will happen to Sayid & Claire. That would be a bummer.

    There were a few great lines. “I’ll be in the Food Court.” It looks like Miles will have lines as good as Sawyer’s! And Jack’s line, “I don’t trust myself.”

  2. Referring back to last week’s episode… it seemed significant to hear Charlie say, “I should have died.” as he was led off the plane by the police.

  3. One more thing… concerning dates… the date on the fetal monitor in the LAX world was 22 October 2004, The plane crashed on Sept. 22, 2004 (first episode).

  4. I just read that the time on the fetal heart monitor was an error. It’s supposed to be the original time line. So in the alternate, or “sideways” world as everyone calls it, the plane landed in LA on Sept. 22, as it was supposed to do.

  5. yeah, this episode was kind of dull.
    I was thinking that the guy who cut the cuffs off of Kate was familiar- one of the others?

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