Lost 6.4- The Substitute

Since I was working last night, we just watched the episode right now.  Here are some things we saw and learned:


– Locke is looking for recruits.  For what?  Is there something he’ll need Sawyer to do that he can’t?  More ‘rules’ to follow?

– Sawyer is pretty intuitive, even when drunk.  He knew it wasn’t Locke.  Interesting again that FLocke (Fake Locke) doesn’t completely know Locke.

– The mystery boy says that you can’t kill him, its against the rules.  Who is ‘him’?

– Ben is still a liar.  “Locke killed Jacob”.  Shows that they believe that you can’t really change a person.  Though he did readily admit to killing Locke.  Does this mean Sayid won’t change his ways as well?

– Richard says Locke’s plan is to kill everyone.  Richard is definitely spooked.

– Crazy Theory- When FLocke first saw Richard, he said “Nice to see you out of your chains.”  What does that mean?  Figuratively or literally?  Was he in bondage to Jacob or do you think that he was on teh slave ship that came to the island?

– Jack, Sayid, Hugo, Locke, SunorJin, and Sawyer were candidates.  Do we believe FLocke’s version?  What about Kate?  I didn’t see her name.

– FLocke’s perspective is that everything in their life was determined.  Jacob made it so they didn’t actually have a choice in their actions, but made it for them.  So how is what he’s doing any different?

– The stones were the classic good/evil.  Remember Locke much earlier had white and black stones on his eyes.  I think that’s season one. He was definitely calling himself the evil side.

– Crazy Theory- Sawyer is going to con Locke.  Its who he is, and he wants to learn more, so he’ll con him.


– Locke wasn’t apparently ready to marry his girly.  Funny how he never had any twinge of regret of not getting back to her.

– Ben teaches European History.  I was expecting to see Arnstd.

– Hugo is a benevolent boss.

– Rose is choosing to live her life with terminal cancer and not let it dictate her decisions.

– Combine the last three points- They are all connected.

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  1. I’m a little concerned that Sayid came back to life- is it smoke-related? Is that why “I hate English” wants to give him the pill?

    What a minute- maybe I missed last week’s episode…

  2. Now that I watched the episode your observations make a lot more sense.
    FLocke is very interesting- such a type of Satan- telling lies/ half truths- how it’s all about the individual and how the Jacob character is ruining their individual lives while ignoring the bigger picture.
    That would be awesome if Sawyer conned FLocke!

  3. episode 6 we will find out that Richard was a slave on the Black Rock and that the captain of the ship was actually the great grand father of the guy who started Darma.

  4. I think FLocke was being metaphorical, not literal, with his “chained” comment to Richard. Look at his attitude towards Jacob. He does not understand someone WANTING to serve Jacob, as Richard does. The way he sees it, Jacob forces people to do his will; he thinks Richard was “chained” to Jacob, which ended when Jacob “died”. I realize I’m being very biblical here, but the comparison seems obvious. Jacob is completely in control; events are proceeding exactly as planned. He knew Locke would kill him, and allowed it to happen without resistance. [Sovereignty] Jacob is also Omniscient. FLocke, on the other hand, had to peek into the window in his form of Smoky to see what was going on with Sawyer. He is NOT omniscient. There are rules, enforced by Jacob. (I think the boy is a young Jacob.) FLocke was noticeably afraid of boy Jacob when he first saw him. So what do we have here? …a very God-like being in Jacob [omniscient, sovereign, powerful] and a very Satan-like FLocke [jealous, hating Jacob, forced to play within Jacob’s rules, not understanding Jacob’s followers WANTING to follow him; on a different level than the humans, but not on Jacob’s level, looking for a way to get around “the rules”, rather than embracing them.]

    Sawyer is too much a student of human behavior, as a result of his career as a con-artist, to not see through FLocke. I love the idea of Sawyer pulling one over on him. But I fear for him, too. FLocke is much more powerful than Sawyer may be aware. He heard the warning from Richard though, and I can’t imagine him not taking that into account.

    How about those numbers showing up! WHY those numbers? I don’t know. But they are tied to our heroes. I’m guessing Kate is not included because the one who takes control of the island has to be male… which would make Jin the candidate, not Sun. Why would someone want the job? I think somehow that island is connected to the universe continuing. There have been so many comments about saving the universe. Those are my ideas for now…

  5. Oops… I meant when BEN killed Jacob… though I suppose it was FLocke’s doing.

  6. … your Middle Name will be invoked if you do not post the latest episode. We ALL await!!

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