Lost Recaps- 6.6- Sundown; 6.7- Dr. Linus; and 6.8- Recon

So I missed a few weeks.  So here’s a Lollapalooza of updates. I don’t have time to leave my own thoughts, so I’ll do that later.  All I’ll say now is that I can’t wait until next week’s episode.

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  1. I’m commenting on this week’s show, “Happily Ever After.” So… are we to understand that the “sideways” world isn’t “real”… that it’s a fabricated world? The Losties had memories of their other life, that could be jarred back. But all the dead people are living there. I can’t figure that one out, though I was very happy to see Daniel and the others alive. I’m not sure how THAT worked. Did Desmond go into that world when he was hit with magnetism? Did he exist in two places at the same time? I seem to recall a comment to that effect in one of the old episodes.

  2. hey tim, could you do me a favor and delete my response notating my name in your August 28, 2007 post, i don’t want this to come up if employers google my name for job purposes, i don’t care about the comments but the one that has my name i would realllly like deleted.

  3. I was waiting oh so patiently for Walter to get back from VA to watch the final episode.
    I know I never want to see Jack die again. That was so sad. There are still so many unanswered questions. Where were they going? What can Ben do? He is dead right? Why is Syid with her instead of with Nadia?So then where does that leave Bernard and Rose? When and how did Hurley and Ben and Desmond die?How come they weren’t able to have babies on the island? Why was creepy Ethan running tests on them? I don’t see how the time travel fit in.So many questions

  4. so did the poeple in the last plane ride die?

  5. and what about the numbers? and what is the Richard explanantion?


  7. its now been 10 years you son of a cunt. I hope your fucking misrable and somebody hurts you and rips your mother fucking heart out and hurts you like you hurt me

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