I’m Back… sort of


After a 7 1/2 year hiatus, I’m back!  Over the course of the last week or so I have been trying to get this blog cleaned up a bit.  Gone are quite a few posts that had cluttered it up (i.e. ‘Lost’ episode recaps) and quite a few blogs that had gone in the same direction as this one.  It has been quite an experience looking through the posts of the past!  It’s like walking down memory lane or visiting a past life.

With this return will come some changes.  This won’t be like before, at least for now.

  1. I won’t be posting nearly as often.  The sudden decline of this blog coincided with gaining employment after moving back to NH.  Since then, I have only worked more hours.  I don’t have the time that I had previously, to sit and write.  It’s crazy to read back over some of these posts, knowing that I had the time to come up with something to write and take any significant amount of time to write it down.  That has obviously changed and I don’t see that getting any easier.
  2. I will also be monitoring all comments.  There are some who would like to have unprofitable conversations and post things that are highly inappropriate.  For that reason, if you leave a comment, I will have to approve it before it appears.  If you would like the satisfaction of instantaneous comments, then you can leave them on my Facebook page.
  3. Previously, many posts were updates on family and reviews of a TV show.  This won’t be a place for that.  If you want to know what’s going on with my family, either go to Facebook or talk to me!

So what will I be putting up, you ask?  I’m not completely sure!  I know there have been plenty of times where I have finished up the Bible Study I teach, Foundation’s, and have a though I’d like to write on, or a thought I’d like to expand on.  I’d love to put recaps up for those that can’t make it, as well.

There have also been many times where I have wanted to write something in response to something going on in the world, trying to lend a Biblical perspective to it.  The events of the past year have provided a lot of opportunities to reflect on Biblical truth and how it should inform our thoughts and actions.  Facebook isn’t always the best platform for that.  I will be posting those thoughts here.

And, as always, if I find something that is of interest, have read something encouraging or convicting, then this is a great outlet to get that out.  Who knows!

You can either subscribe to this blog, so you can know when I do post something, or just keep an eye on my Facebook and I will post a link on there.   And if you are indifferent and you just don’t care, that’s fine.  I just don’t know why you are still reading this.

For those that do care, stay tuned.  I’m sure I will continue to tweak things as I get back in the saddle here.  I look forward to getting back into this!



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