New Sight, New Vision

For a few months now, we have know that Micah is badly in need of glasses.  When your child is thrilled at new hymnals that have more of the songs your sing at Church, you know he really needs to see better.  A few weeks ago, his eye appointment finally came and sure enough, he needed glasses.  The whole experience was one that reminded me much of a our faith.

After they deduced that he does indeed need glasses, he had to try on different glasses.  What he didn’t realize was that these glasses just had nonprescription lenses in them.  After initial excitement of being able to see, he tried on a few pair of glasses only to be disappointed that they didn’t ‘work’ or help him.  Leah quickly assured him they weren’t supposed to help him see, and he was relieved.

Then came the waiting game.  He picked out some frames and then waited a few days to get them.  When we got the call that they were there, he went and got them right away.  The moment he put them on, he looked up and around with a look of simple awe at what he could now see.  He didn’t even know what he couldn’t see.

A couple of days later, I ran an errand and had him come with me and told him to wear his glasses so he could see the details around him.  As we were pulling out of the driveway, he said, “When you, Mom, or Hannah talked about how something was ‘beautiful’, I just couldn’t see it.  But now I can see what you were talking about.  It IS beautiful!”

I told him that was a great illustration for how we see everything before and after salvation.  You can tell someone about the great things God does, show them examples of God moving, take them to the Word, but without the Holy Spirit changing their vision, they simply can’t see it.

That week, a woman at our church at shared a testimony of one of the times she knew she was saved.  She said before she was saved, she read through the book of John, and was utterly confused.  She didn’t get it.  After ‘getting it’ and getting saved, she went back to read that same book.  But she couldn’t find it.  She found a book named “The Gospel of John”, but it wasn’t anything like she had first read.  She went to I, II, and III John, and those weren’t it either.

It turned out that her new vision gave her new understanding.  Where there used to be confusion and discouragement, there was now understanding and encouragement.  Where there was ignorance, there is now knowledge.

Psalm 34 instructs us to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good!’  David isn’t telling people, give God a spin.  He is instructing for people to come and experience and know the goodness of God, and that is only possible through repentance and faith.  No one can truly taste and see that the Lord is good without being redeemed, gaining spiritual eyes.

So, let me ask you, can you see?