Old School Seeker’s Prayer

I ran across this prayer today. It is an old Puritan prayer by John Gerstner, who was very influenced by Jonathan Edwards, for what he would call seekers. His definition of seekers are not those who seek salvation, but those who seek answers. Quite a different definition of a seeker than we have today.

Dear God, whom I hate with all my being precisely because you hate and threaten me with hell, I hate this punishment perhaps even more than I hate you. Or, maybe I should say that I love my comfort even more than I hate you. For that reason I am asking a favor of you. I want you to make me love you, whom I hate even when I ask this and even more because I have to ask this. I am being frank with you because I know it is no use to be otherwise. You know even better than I how much I hate you and that I love only myself. It is no use for me to pretend to be sincere. I most certainly do not love you and do not want to love you. I hate the thought of loving you but that is what I’m asking because I love myself. If you can answer this ‘prayer’ I guess the gift of gratitude will come with it and then I will be able to do what I would not think of doing now—thank you for making me love you whom I hate. Amen.

This can be hard to read and harder to read to someone that isn’t saved, but it lines up with Ephesians 2.