A few Quotes:

Speaking of using Scripture in Biblical Counseling:
“Comfort the disturbed and distrub the comfortable.”

“Real repentance is a working our hearts to such a grief as will make sin more odious unto us than punishment, until we offer an holy violence against it.”
Richard Sibbes

“Ah, souls! When you shall lie upon a dying bed, and stand before a judgment seat, sin shall be unmasked , and its dress and robes shall then be taken off, then it shall appear more vile, filthy, and terrible than hell itself; then, that which formerly appeared most sweet will appear most bitter, and that which appeared most beautiful will appear most ugly, and that which appeared most delightful will then appear most dreadful to the soul. Ah, the shame, the pain, the gall, the bitterness, the horror, the hell that the sight of sin, when its dress is taken off, will raise in poor souls! Sin will surely prove evil and bitter to the soul when its robes are taken off… Till we have sinned, Satan is a parasite: when we have sinned, he is a tyrant.”
Thomas Brooks

“You may over-love the creature. You may love wine too much, and silver too much; but you cannot love God too much. If it were possible to exceed, excess here were a virtue; but is our sin that we cannot love God enough.”
Thomas Watson