Quote of the Moment

“A dozen ignorant peasants proclaiming a crucified Jew as the founder of a new faith; bearing as the symbol of their worship an instrument which was the sign of ignominy, slaver and crim; preaching what must have seemed an absurd doctrine of humility, patient suffering and love to enemies- graces undreamed of before; demanding what must have seemed an absurd worship for one who had died like a malefactor and a slave, and making what must have seemed an absurd promise of everlasting life through one who had himself died, and that between two thieves.”

B.B. Warfield

Back in the Saddle

Wow, 27 days since I’ve posted. I guess that should tell you all how busy I’ve been. This semester has proven itself to be quite the time sucker. I’m balancing full time school, full time work, and now a pregnant wife. All have presented their share of difficulties and issues to deal with. Here’s an update on each:

School: last week was the week from Sheol. I had a sermon to do on Tuesday, which took probably over 20 hours of prep and made me skip a friends bachelor party weekend in the mountains. Then I had a class presentation later on Tuesday, a book and a paper due on Wednesday, a book and paper due on Thursday, and then an exam on Friday. Now I’m trying to get everything done in time for my sister and nephew to come out and visit.

Work: it’s going great, but there is a lot to do. Our Wednesday nights are doing really well. About a year ago we had four or five kids on a Wednesday night and this fall we had over 30 kids out. We’ve started a series in I John in High school, James in Jr High and then a series on finances in High School on Sundays. We have a couple big events coming up in the next couple of weeks: Ice Skating and Lazer Tag on Saturday and then a Battle of the Bands on next Saturday. We have a staff meeting this Sunday and our Pray ‘n Praise Sunday night. I love my job and just wish that I had more time to commit to it. Soon enough.

Wife: we’ve come across some issues, but everything is ok. We’ve had a few scares this past couple of weeks, but God has proven Himself faithful again and again. The first sermon I preached in my class was about trusting the Lord in times of trouble and He has definitely given me plenty of opportunity to live that out. The wife is ok now and is resting on bed rest for the rest of the week. We had the opportunity to get a 25 minute ultrasound on a good machine on Saturday. I say she’s doing all of this on purpose so she can keep seeing the baby. We saw it a lot and it was just kicking back with the occasional poke, probably trying to claw its way out.

So as you see, things have been a little crazy. I’ve had plenty of things that I’ve wanted to put on, but just haven’t got the opportunity. Hopefully I will be able to do those soon enough. soon enough.

We Have A Nephew!

I’m going to go ahead and announce this since I doubt my mom or sister are going to be near a computer. Early this morning, September 1st, (although it could have been in the waning moments of August 31) Nehemiah Martin Costine was born weighing 9 lbs 4 ounces and measuring 21 inches. I’m going to use this opportunity to announce my displeasure with measuring babies by ‘length’. I always think that they’re cattle or sheep or something. Can we measure them in a way that separates them from livestock?

Anyways, the kid apparently looks like his uncle, so we know the kids adorable. He has red hair and is a little chubby, so I guess we’re not exactly alike. But keep your head up kid, I’m sure you’ll have your uncles washboard abs sooner or later. They sure didn’t come by just sitting around and being lazy, so get yourself up and do some sit ups.

The mother is doing well, though she had to endure 37 hours of labor followed by a c-section. She apparently didn’t react too well to a medication that they were using and could start feeling the doctors at work. The mother is resting, the grandmother is resting, and the uncle is in class so he has to go.